Wild caught and Aquaculture seafood products complement each other in terms of availability, species selection, price, and consumer demand.  As the world population grows, both wild caught and aquaculture products fulfill the need for quality protein from seafood. 

A state of the art supply chain links you to these amazing proteins!  Click below to explore!


From the deepest waters to the shallow estuaries, learn where your seafood comes from! Explore our map to learn more!

Zone 1

Pelagic 200+ meter deep/below continental shelf

Zone 2

Continental Shelf / Coastal – 200 meter deep

Zone 3

Coastal / Estuaries 1-30 meters

Zone 4

Production From Dock to market.


These are the Labels that you are most likely to see on the Seafood you buy at the grocery store or local Market. We want to make sure that you as a consumer are aware of what they mean and can make the appropriate decisions at the counter.